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public transport consulting


Procurement of vehicles and systems should always be made according to economic concerns. These concerns include the needs of all stakeholders, both internal (operation, drivers, finances etc.) and external (purchasers, disability access advocates, interest groups etc.). Such balanced procurement is often difficult, as the needs of some groups are often far apart from those of others. Our team relies on years of experience in the procurement process and the use of appropriate procurement calculation tools to work alongside our customers and successfully achieve this common, balanced procurement goal.

Profics helps you with:
  • Creation of specifications
  • Creation of evaluation reports and analysis criteria
  • Creation of submission documents as per WTO guidelines
  • Soliciting of bids
  • Rough bid assessment
  • Detailed bid assessment
  • Creation of an evaluation report as a basis for decision-making
  • Project Manager or Project Consultant support
  • Interface co-ordination (internally and with external stakeholders)
  • Preparation for project handover