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Project management and co-ordination

Projects often fail due to poorly set up project organization - with tasks, competencies and responsibilities being badly or not at all regulated. Good project management contributes to a key assurance of project success. However, it cannot accomplish this success alone. Instead, other factors and stakeholders come into play such as business strategy, the competitive situation and human resources. Professional project management is nevertheless a key criteria for success in all projects worldwide.


The criteria for a successful project are:

  • Highly specialized expertise
  • Broad knowledge of the industry
  • Management skills
  • Clear analysis of the current situation
  • Understanding of the interplay between all factors and stakeholders
  • Meticulous “Is now/Should be” comparison planning
Profics helps you with:
  • Project Management or Project Consultant support
  • Strategy paper compilation (“Is now/Should be” comparison)
  • Creation of rough and detailed plans
  • Project team assembly
  • Co-ordination of individual project tasks or project teams
  • Controlling of individual deadlines and their impact on the wider project
  • Interface co-ordination between internal and external stakeholders
  • Building contractor representation on infrastructure projects