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enterprise modernization

Our experience and expertise helps you to get more from your systems - increasing the productivity of your existing IT set-up.

Easy integration

Integrate your mainframe and client tools using simple modeling within your development environment - and without needing to undertake a constant and complex rolling-out of plugins to your clients.

Move away from expensive mainframe operations

Personal z/OS development and assembly test environments on every developer's desktop or a shared server. Use the right tools to save computing power, time and money.


Flexible, high-performance development environments

Modern development environments for mainframe application development - such as Rational Developer for z - combine flexible, high-performance System z program development with modern industry standards on an Eclipse-based IDE. Practically unlimited expandability allows customized integration with your existing development infrastructure and connection to your application lifecycle management. The stability and fundamental expertise behind System z allow both veteran mainframe and younger, more Java-centric developers to work quickly and without traditional TSO/ISPF limitations. What’s more, all of this functionality is possible without sacrificing full, compatibility-focused working methods.