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lifecycle management

With our high-quality software and services, we enable company-wide control of your software components for their entire lifecycle. Such control guarantees you exceptional value within a short space of time, and also reduces your operational costs. We achieve our offer through first-class individual services that are entirely tailored to your needs.


Would you like to plan, design, develop and deliver better software and systems?

Our expertise can help you to combine your tools across platforms and technologies. We establish seamless interaction between your software pieces, and so also achieve transparency across your company's complete software lifecycle. In addition, we show you how to use Enterprise Modernization to make your existing systems even more efficient.

Success means interaction

Without links to artifacts in the development process, plans stay as visions. To realize such a vision, we link plans with work items - or rather, we combine Thinking with Doing. This process improves your development team's performance and also increases the transparency and integration of all tasks in the software lifecycle. All events will be centrally administered and monitored, and are directly connected to the plan.

Tools require adaptation

We help you to select and best use your resources. We achieve continual improvement of your team's performance through automation, integration and Best Practice usage.

Gain insights that you didn't have before

Improve the quality of your software development by understanding cross-platform relationships between your artifacts and all software lifecycle phases. The result is greater transparency - enabling informed decisions as you develop according to business priorities. We'll be glad to help you with this process.

No more surprises

Do you know exactly what's going on in your project? Set measurable goals and follow them in a simple way. With easily generated dashboards and reports, we show all team members' tasks and activities and enable the creation of forecasts and trends. This presentation gives you all the information needed to control your development project and make important decisions on time.

Save time and money

By working closely together as a team, integration between various disciplines and high software lifecycle transparency create genuinely collaborative lifecycle management. Through the use of Best Practices and the guarantee of constant high quality, both costs and development times are reduced.

Our expertise is your guarantee

Our employees are proven experts in different platforms such as z/OS, Linux, Unix and Windows. You may also be familiar with market leading software titles such as ChangeMan ZMF from Serena and Team Concert and Rational Developer for z from IBM. Profics AG attaches great importance to ensuring that all employees are always fluent in the latest technologies and platforms.

Designed for you - Profics CALM

Profics CALM is a cross-platform Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution that's been designed to meet your needs. find out more