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what you should know about us

Profics AG combines service and software development. We are doers. We don't just advise - we take you a few steps further. We don't just identify and analyze optimization potential - we provide you with the right solutions.


recognize and resolve

We provide both consulting services and software solutions for public transport, and also pure IT consulting with a special focus on the software development lifecycle.

we are experts

Regardless of whether you need S-POS, EAV, FIS, GTFS, ITCS, AVLS, DaX, RT100, VDV452, AFZS or distribution models, our public transport specialists speak your language. We've proven this knowledge on many successful consulting projects - and also through the creation of our own revenue/expenditure distribution software for networks and a central master data management system.

giving you an advantage over others

We particularly focus on software lifecycles. We can help you at all stages: from the creation of requirement specifications to planning and creation of source code, qualified testing at different test levels, controlled deployment, product launching and associated improvements and then eventual archiving. We have the development lifecycle firmly under control. As a long-term partner of Serena and IBM, we have been able to successfully contribute our expertise on a range of large-scale projects and we still continue to do so. Platform and programming languages aren't important. Our skills cover the entire spectrum, including, among others: z/OS, Unix, Linux, Assembler, Cobol, PL/1, Java, Ruby on Rails, project management and IT consulting.

we are Profics

Profics AG is a Swiss provider of IT and public transport consulting services. It was founded in 2004 and is based in St. Gallen and Winterthur. In 2006, its services expanded to include the development of its own software. We currently have 13 team members.