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public transport consulting

Passenger information systems

Dynamic passenger information provides customers with the information they need in real time. It works regardless of location - whether in any type of vehicle, at stops or on a customer's PC or cellphone. Comprehensive information that's available for the entire journey is a plus for any transport company. With these capabilities, your can inform your customers of the current transport situation as needed. This is particularly relevant during periods of heavy traffic, building works, events or exceptional situations such as accidents, snow and ice. Such situation management allows customers to be informed at the earliest opportunity. At the same time, the company can let affected travellers know about alternative routes for their journeys.

Profics helps you with:
  • Creation of specifications
  • Creation of evaluation reports and analysis criteria
  • Creation of submission documents as per WTO guidelines
  • Soliciting of bids
  • Rough bid assessment
  • Detailed bid assessment
  • Creation of an evaluation report as a basis for decision-making
  • Internal interface co-ordination (control centers, operations, engineering, IT)
  • Interface co-ordination with external stakeholders
  • Employee training
  • Controlling of standards and norms
  • Disability discrimination law implementation
  • Co-ordination of vehicle modification
  • Building contractor co-ordination on stop remodeling
  • Support for mobile solutions (App/Internet)
  • Preparation for project handover