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public transport consulting

Data management

It's important for transport companies to cleanly process collected data and make requested information accessible to various stakeholders (the Transport Ministry, regions, internal positions) in a high-quality form. This information includes sales data, passenger numbers, schedule alterations and other operational data. The information must all be consistent and exchangeable across different systems. Such data management is the first step toward a data warehouse - the establishment of which is sure to occupy transport companies over the coming years.

Profics helps you with:
  • Creation of specifications
  • Creation of evaluation reports and analysis criteria
  • Creation of submission documents as per WTO guidelines
  • Soliciting of bids
  • Rough bid assessment
  • Detailed bid assessment
  • Creation of an evaluation report as a basis for decision-making
  • Interface co-ordination (both internally and with external stakeholders)
  • Controlling of the created reports
  • Employee training
  • Preparation for project handover