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Master data management

All master data necessary for accounting can be managed in DIVIS. With all master data available in electronic format, post-processing is reduced to a minimum. DIVIS also includes 'Product Mapping' functionality, providing a highly automated solution to support different product ranges.


Tariffs and prices

Network rates and price tables are fully represented, with product ranges and prices being assigned according to your tariffs.

Zone and line system

The process of splitting revenue according to lines or zones is currently associated with considerable cost. DIVIS removes a large portion of this work through the management of tariff zones and line systems.

Stop and connection lists

The allocation of revenue according to need can be further clarified by maintenance of stop and connection lists. These allow, for example, evaluation of revenue achieved per stop and the establishment of distribution channels.

Product range

A product alone is not enough. For network accounting, a variety of product information is needed. DIVIS manages and version-numbers your network's entire product range along with all of the relevant details.