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Intelligent interfaces



DIVIS can save each individual sale, and so also includes support for E-ticketing systems - without data quality loss.

Distribution systems

DIVIS supports data imports from a variety of distribution systems. These include SBB Prisma, ATRIES and ARCOS. Other distribution systems can be added without issue.

Product mapping

The mapping of network product ranges onto different distribution channels can often require technical adaptations. This difficulty means that it’s not always possible for mapping to be structured in a uniform manner. However, for distribution purposes, it’s essential to maintain only a single product range. DIVIS enables the establishment of structural uniformity by mapping product ranges across different distribution systems.

DaX networks – XML

DIVIS supports networks that operate on the XML-based DaX data standard. Master data (tariff, connection system, zone system, product range, pricing tables) and accounting data (revenues) can be both imported and processed.

Customized formats

New interfaces can be quickly and easily added, allowing for the creation of interfaces for 'exotic' systems.

Diverse master data interfaces

Interfaces are provided for a variety of master data. This provision allows product ranges, prices and more to be taken from the SBB's PRISMA distribution system and then imported into DIVIS.