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Safe is safe - and DIVIS too.


Data and access protection

Revenue figures are company-sensitive data. By using HTTPS protocols, DIVIS encrypts and authenticates all communication. This represents the only encryption method that is supported on all computers with an Internet connection - no special software installation required.

Approval System

All network partners give their revenue for a dedicated accounting period. This information displays, controls and releases manually collected as well as imported sales figures. The network administrator also has sophisticated release and rollback methods at his disposal as part of his Accounting Office role. These methods allow every individual accounting element to be separately controlled. The entire accounting process is finalized at a set cut-off time.

Role-Based User Management

DIVIS users' rights are managed via simple, role-based user administration. All permissions can be centrally assigned through customized roles.

Data Transfer via SFTP

We offer an automated method for the transfer of large data volumes and file numbers - providing authentication and encryption via SFTP.