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What's being said about DIVIS:

OSTWIND Tariff Network - all aboard!

Accounting in the integral tariff network is now practically unthinkable without DIVIS, in large part due to the ever-increasing amount of data that such accounting involves. Revenue distribution and tariff exceptions, the calculation and distribution of sales commissions, distribution of operating costs and consideration of special cases: DIVIS confidently takes care of all of these processes at the touch of a button.
Rolf Tobler, Head of Tariffs, OSTWIND Tariff Network

A-Welle Tariff Network

Automated accounting and reporting. DIVIS is convincing due to its excellent user interface. With such ease of use, we can quickly and efficiently compile the A-Welle tariff network's complex accounts - and also make these accounts transparent for all of our partner companies. Given this power, the ability to use various data sources and formats are only secondary.
Martin Osuna, Senior Management, A-Welle Tariff Network