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Accounting and evaluation

DIVIS is a piece of billing and evaluation software designed for networks and transport companies. It’s exact and effective!

Simplifies your work

DIVIS was developed as a web application using the latest usability principles. These factors allow you to quickly and intuitively complete your distribution process tasks. In addition, no PC installation is required; a web browser is all that's required.


Creates an overview

DIVIS ensures data transparency at every stage of the accounting process. You'll be able to see your balance status at a glance: data imports, revenue and commissions. What's more, all of this is done with consideration to IKS.

Complex tasks, easily solved

Complex contracts and regulations that have been expanded and revised many times often form the basis of a network’s accounting. Together, we analyze and document your existing accounting procedure and transfer it to DIVIS in a matter of hours.


Safe and secure

Revenue figures are company-sensitive data. By using HTTPS protocols, DIVIS encrypts and authenticates all communication. This represents the only encryption method that is supported on all computers with an Internet connection - no special software installation required.


Four billion euros – self-explanatory success

We're proud to have completed correct and auditable accounting and distribution for over four billion euros worth of turnover. Our customers confirm this figure, providing feedback that we're happy with and a level of success that speaks for itself.