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Effective risk management support

Profics RSA Risk Self-Analysis software was developed in collaboration with experts from Keel und Partner AG, St.Gallen and KS Treuhand AG Altstätten. Both companies contributed substantial technical expertise as well as extensive experience of trust clients that focus primarily on SMEs. watch the video


Securing long-term business success

Now more than ever, continuous, well-founded risk management is one of the most important prerequisites for securing long-term business success. As such, risk management is becoming more and more important to SMEs - which is where RSA can efficiently offer support. .


Giving you an overview

Identifying potential risks to your company is the starting point of risk management, as only known risks can be dealt with. This priority allows both internal risk assessments and those that are conducted as part of an external audit to be designed in a more efficient, and therefore more resource-conserving, manner.


Control your risk with periodic documentation

The risk self-analysis results are documented in a report that takes a holistic view of your current risk status alongside detailed views of seven key risk groups. The report is well structured and uses clear graphics to present its information in a clear, easy to understand manner. In the corresponding action plan, clearly laid out steps are presented for the containment or elimination of the identified risks - providing a solid foundation for pro-active risk management and continuous risk monitoring.