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profics passenger alert and messaging system

PPAMS provides a simple, centralized entry point for disruption and operating reports. It also allows passengers to be quickly and consistently informed of these reports via a range of channels - including Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and DFI as well as infotainment systems and ITSC/AVLS. The software is platform-independent, flexible and configurable to all hardware and system suppliers as per each customer's needs. An inexpensive quality assurance solution and a perfect tool for increasing customer satisfaction

Inform customers in the fastest manner


The advent of smartphones has made the world a faster place. Many different facilities now exist that allow users to update their friends, customers and surroundings within seconds. This function is of great use to daily transit services, allowing an immediate reaction to disruptions and other issues. Profics Passenger Alert and Messaging System (PPAMS) provides access to this power. PPAMS is a piece of software that collects all passenger-relevant information - preparing your customers regardless which communication platform they use.

The software's development has addressed both customer and operator ends. Public transport passengers want to be informed quickly and consistently over a variety of channels. In the past, operators wanting to meet this demand have required expensive, fully-integrated passenger information systems that have been difficult to develop further. In addition, the collection of reports across different systems has been too complex for dispatchers and operations supervisors. These challenges mean that some passengers have already informed one another via mobile devices and social networks before the operator has even taken note of the incident.

With PPMAS, we introduce a piece of software that is flexible to use and, if adaptations are required, independent of hardware and system suppliers. PPAMS makes a strong contribution to quality assurance and customer satisfaction, and is both simple and self-explanatory to use. However, its biggest plus is its platform independence. In the business to customer field, the system has interfaces for all current social media applications (API). Through integration with third party systems (DFI, Infotainment) and functions for stop/line/trip import, archiving, evaluation and user/master data management, this tool can inform customers on a minute-by-minute basis.

Potential interfaces

  • GTFS Realtime Service Alert
  • VDV 453 – General Information Service (AND)
  • Manufacturer-specific interfaces (DFI, ITCS) according to customer/supplier request
  • Twitter, Facebook, Google+ API
  • Email, RSS Feeds

Customer data and messages are collected according to the following criteria: